Childhood Obesity

July 13, 2011 at 8:48 PM (Horrible Parents)

I haven’t updated my blog in over a week because I had nothing to vent about. Today I do. My topic for today is childhood obesity. Recently a specialist from one children’s hospital said that parents of super obese children should lose custody of them. You know what, it may sound harsh but I agree and here’s why. A lot of parents today don’t take the time out to actually make sure their children eat properly and get enough exercise. They will feed their children anything that is cheap and saves time, mostly fast food, and they let their kids sit in front of the computer or TV all day long instead of insisting they go outside and play. When I was younger my mother made healthy dinners most nights. Yea, sometimes we had meals that were unhealthy but the majority of the time we ate healthy meals. If I didn’t want what my mother was cooking then I didn’t eat. End of story. There was no “I want this” or “I want that” or “let’s have McDonalds” it was eat what mom cooked or starve. So I ate what she cooked. Did I ever have fast food? Of course I did, but only very rarely, maybe a few times a year. That’s how it should be. As for exercise my parents allowed both me and my brother to watch TV but only after we had been outside playing. Some parents today just don’t know how to say “NO”. I say grow a pair and stop letting your kids push you around. You are the parent here, not your kids and what you say goes. End of story. Stop worrying that you’re going to look like the bad guy. You’re supposed to be the bad guy as a parent. If you wanted a buddy then you should have got a dog.

Another reason is some parents today are just plain lazy and don’t care what their kids eat or do as long as they stay out of trouble. Now I understand kids who have genetic disorders and may be overweight, and that’s not what this specialist is talking about. Nor are they talking about overweight kids. We are talking about morbidly obese kids. The kind that, if something isn’t done, may end up having a heart attack before age 16. Something has to be done about this because the fact is the problem is getting worse year by year. What I think should happen is the family should be warned that if they don’t start taking measures to get their kids weight under control then they will run the risk of losing custody. I think children services should educate the parents and the kids, monitor their progress and if they see that they are making a conscious effort to fix the problem then that’s it. If they aren’t doing anything to fix the problem, well they were warned. I am also sick of hearing “healthy food is too expensive”. Yes, some of it is but stop using that as an excuse. You can make a healthy meal with $5 if you put some thought into it. As for fast food, that’s fine. BUT in moderation, not 5 times a week. We need to get our act together in this country. Stop letting our kids do what they want and start taking responsibility for them. You became a parent out of your own free will and you have responsibilities. Start taking them more seriously and questions like this won’t come up.


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