Gay Marriage

June 26, 2011 at 7:40 PM (Random)

Finally New York State Government has done something right for a change. In case you’re living in a hole, NY passed a new bill allowing gay marriage to start taking place in July. Good for them! Now if only PA and every other state can follow suit. I have been a huge supporter of gay marriage for years. Not just because I have tons of friends who are gay including my best friend of 20 years, but because I don’t see why everyone shouldn’t be able to get married. This is where I start to vent though. I am sick to death of hearing everyone bashing gay marriage. Come on people it’s 2011 for crying out loud! Let people live their own lives the way they want. Do we not have a million other problems to worry about right now like our current President, the economy and illegal immigration? Who cares who anyone wants to marry. Is it really hurting you or personally affecting you in some way? No it’s not so don’t even try to argue that it is. Get off your high horses and shut up, stop whining and put your efforts into fighting a more worthy cause then trying to stop gay marriage.

I am also sick and tired of seeing post after post on Facebook condemning gay marriage. You get the ones who say “it’s a sin” and “God hates gays”. I’m sorry have you personally met God? No you haven’t so again get off your high horse. So what if the bible doesn’t condone gay marriage. When was the bible written? Oh yea that’s right, it was written thousands of years ago. Let me point out again the fact that it is the year 2011. A lot has changed since the bible was written¬†and a lot more will change in the future. Deal with it and get over yourselves. I don’t see you purposely going after people who cheat, murder or steal. Aren’t those sins according to the bible? Don’t try and tell me that you haven’t committed one sin from the bible at least once in your life because you would be committing the sin of lying. So there, now you probably have sinned more than you thought. Get a life, move on and let people be happy the way they want. In case you haven’t noticed there are way more important things to worry about in this country then gay marriage. With all the struggles and conflicts going on why shouldn’t others be able to take happiness any way they can get it? Just let people live their lives and you live yours.


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